Problem Radical(s)


Object Collection is thrilled to announce the first-ever audio release of one of our operas.

Problem Radical(s) was written from 2008-2009 and is Object Collection's first opera. Aggressive and unrelenting, the template for their vision of “opera-in-overdrive” (The Wire) is laid out here.

Audiences were bathed in fuzzed-out noise, chopped-up hardcore beats and bizarrely contorted vocalizations about political engagement and self-powered flying cars. Critics were by turns confused and horrified. We haven't looked back since.

Written from 2008-2009, Problem Radical(s) is completely modular, with each performance (and rehearsal) using a different vocal order and completely unique musical material. The foundation is fundamentally and intentionally unsound.

The score mashes together distorted bass explosions, table-top guitar drumming, microtonal drones, field recordings, and heavily processed samples from punk rock and free-jazz heroes while singers evoke American radical thinkers, hardcore noise, civic activists, and maneuverable personal blimps.

“Problem Radical(s) is an experimental theatricalist opera just the way such things should be and rarely are. Creators Kara Feely and Travis Just have created a sophisticated collision between elegant formal considerations and the disruptive garbage of a world going down the drain that is exciting and exhilarating. The spectator is swept away in its delirious mix and emerges clear and emotionally refreshed.”
- Richard Foreman, writer/director

"It's shows like this that shut down the NEA"
- Backstage on “Problem Radical(s)”

“Object Collection…must be the new New York.”
- Seismograf

“An Object Collection opera-in-overdrive is a lot to take in, and that’s the way Feely and Just like it.”
- The Wire

Composed by Travis Just
Written and directed by Kara Feely

Voice: Karl Allen, Sarah Dalhen, Francesco Gagliardi, Caitlin McDonaugh-Thayer

Bass/Table-top Guitar: Kevin Farrell
Guitar: James Moore
Computer/Table-top Guitar: Travis Just

Installation by Hannah Dougherty
Video by Daniel Kötter
Costume design by Peter Ksander
Lighting design by Miranda Hardy

recorded live in performance on May 10, 2009 Performance Space 122, NYC