cheap&easy OCTOBER

October 9-18


One hundred years after a failed revolution, Object Collection resurrects the dead. Phantom agitators and zombie visionaries produce a séance, a death march, a psychic wailing. "cheap&easy OCTOBER" is a live-shredding of art world criticism, an original chamber opera about the revolutionary spirit and the power of the written word.

What type of insurrectionary action is possible when words are the only weapons at hand, when the vanguard becomes the establishment? A commemoration of forgotten events where talk is cheap. To the great emptiness of a post-revolutionary society, "cheap&easy OCTOBER" is an homage, a send-up and a surrender.

written/directed by Kara Feely
composed by Travis Just
installation by Hannah Dougherty
lighting design by Jeanette Yew
stage managed by Liz Nielsen
performed by Avi Glickstein, Taylor Levine, Aaron Meicht, Tavish Miller, Daniel Allen Nelson, Fulya Peker, Andie Springer, Deborah Wallace, and Owen Weaver